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Assault Charges

Facing Criminal Charges for assault?

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Texas Law & Assault Cases

There are different kinds of assault cases. Assault, Domestic Violence & Familial Assault, Assault Bodily Injury, Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. I represent persons charged with sexual assaults, but the particular offenses I’m referring to in this section are combative physical attacks and undesired physical contact.

Understanding Assault Charges

The State of Texas generally defines an assaultive offense as, basically, unwanted touching, and a person can be charged with this offense in many ways.

Assault, the combative kind, can and usually does happen very quickly and in the heat of the moment. In other cases, it could be a passive offense or a non-intended criminal offense in which the basis of the crime lies largely with how the victim describes the event to law enforcement in such a way to serve as the progenitor of criminal charges.

If you’re facing prosecution for any form of assaultive offense in the Brazoria County or Greater Houston, call my office at 713-524-6656 or 979-265-6800.

Brazoria Assault Attorney Sandra Oballe

Texas’ Assault Code is Flexible

Almost anyone can claim you’ve assaulted them. False allegations lead to false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. A lie can destroy your life. Choose your lawyer carefully. You want competent aggressive legal counsel on your side.

The “Sore Loser” Prosecution

Assault can be a accusation that the other person uses to punctuate or win the argument. This can happen in a lot of family disagreements.

Assault can also be an accusation coming from the “loser” of the fight. Have you ever noticed it’s always the loser who files? That can certainly be true.

Obviously no one should be putting their hands on someone else in an aggressive manner. If that is the last straw to state your position, the best decision is to step away or leave the situation entirely.

The Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe

For anyone charged with assault: No matter how you came to be charged, I will be on your side, representing your best interests and arguing your position. I am focused on positive results for my clients. I will conduct a thorough investigation, interviewing witnesses and others who may be involved to get a true picture of what happened.

The truth is the key to an even and solid representation.

If you’re facing prosecution for any form of assaultive criminal offense in the Brazoria County or Greater Houston area, call my office at 713-524-6656 or 979-265-6800.

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