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Sex Crime Offenses

Facing Criminal Charges for a Sex Crime?

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It Takes The Right Lawyer To Beat Sex Crime Charges

We Have Skills Defending People with Sex Offense Charges

Sex crime accusations in Brazoria County and Harris County are common. The only thing worse than being guilty of a sex crime is to be the victim of false allegations.

Teachers, spouses engaged in divorce (husbands mostly), people in child custody disputes and boyfriends are people who are most subjected to false allegations of a sex crime.

I Have Experience Fighting Sexual Offenses

I’ve represented a number of individuals charged with sex crimes in Houston and Brazoria County. In some cases, what causes a call to law enforcement is bad feelings.

False Allegations Occur Often

Liars are easy to expose in court!

Here’s what I mean; the following situation is not uncommon, “Someone engaged in consensual sexual activity, but by the next day or week decides it was not consensual, and now they’re the alleged victim. Other cases stemming from false accusations involve threats to call law enforcement. This is a tactic that’s usually used to manipulate someone or to demand or extort money.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, The Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe can help.

Call my office for advice on your next move, and to learn more about how I can effectively fight for your freedom and good name. I’m known for providing the best legal defense and counsel to my clients and I’ll help you too.

If you need to talk, call me at 713-524-6656.

Sex Crime Charges are Difficult for Defendants

Sex crime investigations and criminal trials for sex cases in Brazoria County and Harris County are usually long and difficult. The accusation and implication that you’re a sex offender can ruin your life, relationships, and career.

Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking it’ll just go away and wait too long to hire a defense lawyer.


I Take Harris County & Brazoria Sexual Assault Cases

Do Not Wait or Hesitate. Contact Attorney Sandra Oballe.

Sex crime cases must be taken very seriously. You want someone like me at your side from the beginning. We will decide together whether to meet with law enforcement and make a statement or to stand silent and make the state prove their case in a court of law before a jury. Of course I will have complete access to the contents of the state’s file and will thoroughly discuss that information with you.

Accused of a sex crime? A criminal charge of this magnitude can have a severe detrimental impact on your life. Contact attorney Sandra Oballe immediately by calling 713-524-6656 or 979-265-6800.

Understanding Sex Crime Charges

Sex crimes are offenses that can hurt the perception of your integrity, regardless of your actual guilt or innocence. As a result, the presumption of innocence afforded to you by the Constitution could be overlooked by the court and jurors. This is why it’s important to have representation by an articulate defense attorney that knows how to talk to a jury. Criminal penalties associated with convictions for sex crime charges will have life changing implications for the accused offender.

Seek Legal Representation Quickly

Even if you weren’t charged with a sex crime, but think you may be, it’s a good idea to hire an experienced Houston sex crimes lawyer for legal advice immediately.

By engaging in the legal process quickly, you’ll have the best chance of successfully managing the case, or if you’re guilty, avoiding long prison sentences. The faster you get ahead of the matter and the more time afforded to your lawyer, the better your chances.

If you reside in Houston, Brazoria County, or the surrounding areas and have questions, call my office today. We provide 100% free initial consultations. I can be reached for cases in Houston, Angleton, Harris County and Brazoria County at 713-524-6656.

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Facing Sex Crime Charges in Houston?

Attorney Sandra Oballe Will Help You

A criminal justice lawyer since 2004, Attorney Sandra J. Oballe knows how to wage an effective defense campaign on behalf of people with criminal charges related to unlawful sexual conduct in the State of Texas. She’s successfully defended people accused of everything from improper relationship cases (teacher/student), sexual assault, statutory rape, sexual & violent crimes, to seemingly minor offenses such as public lewdness.

If you prefer legal assistance from a criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience defending people with sex crime cases, waste no time contacting the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe to establish an attorney-client relationship. You can reach Attorney Sandra J. Oballe by calling 713-524-6656.

You’ll Need an Aggressive Advocate

Attorney Sandra J. Oballe will fight relentless to clear your good name. If you reside in Houston Texas and prefer an attorney experienced with helping sexual offenders, regardless of the type of sex crime, contact our office for help. The information on this page is for general information purposes and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

When a person is arrested in connection with sex crimes charges in the Houston area, or even accused of such without being formally charged by law enforcement, the consequences and implications can be dire. The social stigma attached to people accused of sexual assault or sexual assault of a child can have a long lasting negative impact for your entire life, even after paying the consequences of a conviction or being acquitted.

If you’re looking for a Houston sex crime attorney that will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and help you manage the devastating effects of public or private sex crime allegations, contact the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe today to schedule your free consultation about your case.

Common Texas Sex Crimes Allegations

I often fight the following charges in Harris County & Brazoria County, TX.

Whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor sexual offense Attorney Sandra Oballe can help you. I will represent you in Harris County or Brazoria County for any of the criminal charges listed below.

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