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Shoplifting Offenses

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Updated: Dec 15, 2020 @ 5:31 pm

The basis of shoplifting charges is often a mistake made by a shopper, or an intended theft being uncovered by store employees. Although allegations of such an offense imply that the person accused has character flaws, not everyone charged with shoplifting are bad people or folks of low moral stature.

Angleton, TX Shoplifting LawyerWith regard to petty theft, some people can’t help themselves and suffer from kleptomania. Others made a mistake of grossly poor judgment while others see shoplifting as an acceptable hustle, but the results are the same; an arrest after being busted or “accused” of shoplifting.

Being detained in a store for shoplifting can be embarrassing, but it’s nothing compared to being stared down in a quiet, cold courtroom by a judge that has a puzzled look on their face indicative of their pondering your character in light of shoplifting charges.

You’ll need an attorney. If you or a loved one was accused of shoplifting, we can help you.

Shoplifting charges are relatively easy cases to beat. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges for shoplifting, call Attorney Sandra J. Oballe today at 713-524-6656.

Texas Shoplifting Offenses

A Theft Crime, of Moral Turpitude

Shoplifting is a basically a theft crime which took place in a retail establishment like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, a grocery store, or another form retail establishment.

Although most shoplifting offenses are misdemeanors, if the value of the item(s) that were the target of the theft are of a high enough value, felony theft charges may be imposed by the Brazoria County District Attorney’s office.

If convicted, the unsightly appearance of a theft offense will ride your criminal background for the rest of your life, taking it’s toll on your opportunities. This reality is especially dangerous for minors, juveniles, and young adults who still have a lengthy future ahead of them.

Theft is a crime of moral turpitude meaning that people who have knowledge of your mistake may have reservations about the integrity of your moral character.

When dealing with cases like shoplifting, it’s best to fight the charge.

Criminal Penalties if Convicted

And Other, Subtle Penalties for Shoplifting

If you’re poorly represented in court on a shoplifting charge, you’ll likely be found guilty. If found guilty, the defendant’s penalties are usually assessed under misdemeanor guidelines, after which, they’re assessed a fine and may go on about their day.

There are two instances where a defendant may be forced to serve jail time or enhanced and/or charged with a felony;

  1. if the value of the item(s) exceeded $1,500.00, or
  2. if the defendant is a habitual shoplifter.

In the first case, defendants arrested for the shoplifting of items worth more than $1,500.00 will be charged with a felony and, depending on the value of the subject of the shoplift, will face a prison sentence that can range from 6 months to 99 years. The higher the value of the item or items stolen, or subject to the shoplifting attempt, the higher the prison sentence.

Secondly, if the defendant was arrested for a misdemeanor shoplifting offense, but was found to be a habitual offender with 2 or more previous misdemeanor shoplifting convictions, the Brazoria County District Attorney’s Office may ask the judge for an enhancement which will “enhance” the charge to the next more punitive criminal classification.

Click here to review the sentencing guidelines for theft cases in Texas.

Accused of Shoplifting in Brazoria County, TX?

Call Defense Attorney Sandra J. Oballe Today

The Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe perpetuates a culture of winning and it shows in the multiple favorable reviews of our clients who were happy with the results of legal representation by our law firm.

If you were charged with any level of criminal offense in Texas, the stakes are high and worth being addressed by a professional criminal justice lawyer.

If you or a loved one were arrested for shoplifting in Angleton, Pearland, or elsewhere in Brazoria County, TX, Attorney Sandra J. Oballe looks forward to hearing from you.

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Shoplifting Offenses • Angleton, TX

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