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Drug Offenses

Arrested for a Controlled Substance?

Call Attorney Sandra J. Oballe at 979-265-6800.

If you were arrested on drug charges in Houston, Harris County, or Brazoria County, TX, or have a loved one with this experience, your best option is to contact a criminal defense attorney with experience representing people facing prosecution for drug charges.

In my experience as one of the more active Brazoria County, Angleton, and Houston drug crime lawyers, I’ve seen that most drug cases can be dismissed. Case dismissals normally happen during pretrial proceedings, granted that you’ve retained legal representation that’s willing to work instead of suggesting a plea bargain. I’m eager to work for my clients, defend their legal rights, and fight for the best outcome possible.

I’m Attorney Sandra Oballe. I’ve been a staunch defender of the accused since 2004. I take pride in helping my clients get their cases dismissed or positively resolved in court. If you need help, contact my office to speak with me directly by calling 713-524-6656. Criminal cases involving illegal drugs are very winnable, and I’m willing to help you.

Understanding Drug Arrests

And A Few Effective Defenses to Avoid a Guilty Verdict

Arrests for drug possession charges & drug trafficking can happen in several ways. The arrest could stem from you being pulled over in your vehicle, pulled over  in someone else’s vehicle, or it could happen at your house, apartment, someone else’s house or apartment, while you’re walking down the street, riding your bike; you get the idea.

Was The Arrest Lawful?

An arrest for possession of a controlled substance doesn’t mean that the police conducted a lawful arrest or that they’ve arrested the right person. If the police violated your Constitutional Rights, lacked probable cause, the drug seizure resulted from an unlawful search and seizure, or the illegal substance didn’t belong to you, federal prosecutors nor will the local district attorney’s office have a case against you.

In other instances, the defendant may have been arrested as a result of entrapment, or the police may have arrested you for a substance that’s not illegal. Again, having an experienced attorney on your side helps tremendously. There are thousands of people in prison today that could be free but lacked sufficient legal representation.

Reasonable Doubt

Also worth nothing, reasonable doubt. The Brazoria & Harris County District Attorney’s Office must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you “knowingly” possessed a controlled substance. These standards also apply to individuals charged with federal drug offenses by the federal government.

If you need to talk with a defense lawyer that understands the most effective legal defenses for drug cases, contact The Law Offices of Sandra J. Oballe today. To speak with Sandy, call 713-524-6656.

Understanding Brazoria County & Houston Drug Charges

Commonly prosecuted drug offenses in Houston, Harris County, and Brazoria County, TX, are possession, manufacture, and delivery of controlled substances. A controlled substance is any chemical compound deemed “controlled” by the “Texas Health & Safety Code.” The Texas Controlled Substances Act is a chapter of the Texas Health & Safety Code.

Due to our proximity to Mexico and strategic location on the interstate highway system, the Houston area is one of the busiest drug trafficking hubs in the United States and the State of Texas. Therefore, most police agencies in and around Houston conduct traffic stops on the interstate with the intent of finding drugs and initiating drug arrests. If the drugs crossed state lines, these cases usually find their way into the hands of federal law enforcement, resulting in federal drug charges.

Whether it’s a felony, misdemeanor, or drug-related criminal offense at the federal level, I, Attorney Sandra Oballe, will bring my experience to bear for you. I will represent you in Brazoria County, Harris County, or in federal court with the goal of obtaining a case dismissal or full acquittal. Although it’s not possible (or lawful) to promise any outcome, I can assure you that my office will work tirelessly in the pursuit of the best possible outcome for your case.

If you’re dealing with serious charges prosecuted under state laws or have federal charges, contact The Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe for legal advice today at 713-524-6656. Ask for Sandy.

Commonly Charged Sexual Crimes in Houston, Harris County, & Brazoria County

During an Arrest, Be Respectful of Your Situation

Assume you’re being recorded during encounters with law enforcement officers. Also, maintaining your composure and being polite won’t hurt. Also, make no statements to law enforcement officers as they aren’t on your side. Additionally, don’t discuss your case with other co-defendants, family members, or others. As a Brazoria County & Houston drug crimes lawyer with extensive experience, I can tell you first-hand the less you say, the better.

Probable Cause in Transit

Do not help law enforcement by operating a vehicle laden with “rolling probable cause.” Meaning expired tags, headlight out, brake light out, license plate light out, no front license plate, expired paper tags, and no insurance on your vehicle.

Anything that would be a reason for law enforcement to pull you over and start asking questions can always lead to more questions and then a search. During my nearly 30 years as a Brazoria County, Angleton, and Houston drug lawyer, I safely say this is the most common reason people are arrested for drug offenses in Texas.


Search Warrants Matter!

Exercise your Fourth Amendment Right. Do not agree to your person, house, or vehicle being searched. Do not agree to the drug dog’s presence. TELL THEM TO GET A WARRANT.

Do Not Resist Law Enforcement

They’ll Win

Do not physically resist law enforcement because it will result in another charge, Resisting Arrest. Inform the police officers that you want to speak to a lawyer if they begin asking too many questions or any at all to be safe. Inform them that you do not agree to any search of your person or property.

If they’re recording you or write the offense report honestly, your words and actions will be recorded or documented. Once I get my hands on these reports, I’ll be able to use them to fight your case in your defense.

Facing drug-related criminal charges in Harris County or Brazoria County, TX?

Call Me. I’ll fight for you.

I’m an ethical criminal defense lawyer who knows her way around the courthouse, I’m very aggressive, and I have a history of winning. I’ve never been disciplined by the State Bar of Texas for misconduct, and judges and other criminal lawyers respect me. If you’re serious about fighting for your freedom, good name, and future, call my office so I can start working for you.

The phone number of our law firm is 713-524-6656.

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