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Drug Charge Defense

Charged with a Drug Offense in Brazoria County, TX?

The Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe Will Defend You!

If you were arrested or charged for a drug related criminal offense in Brazoria County, TX, or have a loved one or relative who is having this experience, contact Attorney Sandra Oballe at 713-524-6656. These cases are very winnable, and I’m willing to help you.

Commonly prosecuted drug offenses in Brazoria County, TX are possession, manufacture, and delivery of controlled substances. A controlled substance is any chemical compound deemed “controlled” by the “Health & Safety” Code of The State of Texas.

We Understand Drug Arrests

Arrests for these kind of cases can happen many ways: pulled over in your vehicle, pulled over when you are in someone else’s vehicle, your house, your apartment, someone else’s house or apartment, walking down the street, riding your bike. You get the idea.

Be Respectful of Your Situation

Assume you’re being recorded during all encounters with law enforcement officers. Also, maintaining your composure and being polite won’t hurt your situation. Also, make no statements to law enforcement officers as they aren’t on your side. Additionally, don’t discuss your case with other co-defendants, family members or others.

Brazoria Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Sandra Oballe

Probable Cause in Transit

Do not help law enforcement by having “rolling probable cause” on your vehicle. Meaning, expired tags, headlight out, brake light out, license plate light out, no front license plate, expired paper tags, no insurance on your vehicle. Anything that would be a reason for law enforcement to be able to legally pull you over and start asking questions can always lead to more questions, and then a search.


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Search Warrants Matter!

Do not agree to your person, your house, or your vehicle being searched. Do not agree to the drug dog’s presence. TELL THEM TO GET A WARRANT.

Do Not Resist Law Enforcement

They’ll Win

Do not physically resist law enforcement because it will result in another charge, Resisting Arrest. Inform the police officers that you want to speak to a lawyer if they begin asking too many questions, or any at all to be safe. Say you do not agree to any search of your person or property.

If they are recording you, or if they write the offense report honestly, your words and actions will be recorded or written. Once I get my hands on these reports, I’ll be able to use to fight your case in your defense.

Whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor drug related criminal offense, Brazoria, TX based lawyer Sandra Oballe will bring her experience to bear for you. I will represent you at the Brazoria County Courthouse for any of the criminal charges involving narcotics, and fight for case dismissal or full acquittal.

Facing drug related criminal charges in Brazoria County, TX? I’ll fight for you.

I’m an ethical criminal defense lawyer who knows her way around the courthouse, I’m very aggressive, and I have a history of winning. I’ve never been disciplined. If you’re serious about fighting for your freedom, good name, and future, call my office so I can start working for you.

The phone number to our law firm is 713-524-6656.

Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe

Brazoria Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

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