Burglary Cases

Accused of burglary in Brazoria County, TX? If so, this is a serious criminal charge that can result in a lengthy prison sentence if you’re convicted of the crime. Burglary charges can stem from entering a person’s vehicle, building, or habitation without the permission of the owner.

Although burglary is a serious criminal offense in Texas, Attorney Sandra J. Oballe is known for being an effective criminal-defense lawyer for our clients when the chips are down.

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Burglary & Texas Law

Understanding Burglary Charges

Texas Burglary LawyerIn the State of Texas, laws relating to burglary offenses are broad. A person can be charged with burglary if they enter a home or other building without the permission of the owner in an attempt to commit a felony, assault or theft. The same standard applies to attempting to conceal yourself inside of a building or breaking into someone’s car, truck, or other motored-vehicle.

Misdemeanor or Felony?

Burglary charges are always felony offenses in Texas unless the defendant is charged with the burgling of a coin-operated machine or a vehicle. In which case their crime will be classified as a Class A Misdemeanor offense. Even then, burglarizing a coin-operated machine or vehicle can be enhanced to a State Jail Felony if the defendant is determined to be a habitual offender.

Criminal Penalties for Burglary in Texas

If a person burgles a building, the offense will be classified as a State Jail Felony, unless the building was a home, then the offense will be classified as a 2nd Degree Felony. If convicted of the State Jail Felony, the defendant will face a minimum prison sentence of six months while those classified as a 2nd Degree Felony can expect to serve a term of imprisonment ranging from two-to-twenty years.

Defendants arrested for burglarizing a habitation with the intent or in an attempt to commit a felony other than theft will be charged under 1st Degree Felony guidelines which, if convicted, can lead to a prison sentence of anywhere from 5 years to life.

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