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Heroin Possession

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Updated: Apr 24, 2023 @ 4:19 am

Arrested for Heroin Possession in Brazoria County, TX?

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When an individual is charged with a crime related to heroin possession, it’s a serious situation. In the state of Texas, the possession of any level of heroin or non-prescription opiate will be prosecuted as a felony offense.

A conviction could mean a lengthy prison term for individuals who are found guilty in the court of law. Whether you have a challenging drug addiction or are innocent of the criminal charges against you, you’ll need legal representation to defend your rights and to force the state to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brazoria County DefenseIf you make the mistake of negotiating with prosecutors and making a deal with them, you’ll lose numerous rights. The most important right you’ll lose is your right to appeal.

Don’t be the person that does this.

If working with prosecutors is the best option, let an experienced criminal justice attorney assist you in making that decision. Your future matters.

I’m Attorney Sandra J. Oballe, a highly experienced criminal defense attorney who serves the people of Angleton, Brazoria County, Houston, Harris County, Pearland, Alvin, and all areas in-between. If you need to discuss your case with a lawyer, I invite you to call my office at 713-524-6656.

I’ve practiced criminal law in southeast Texas since 2003, and I’ve developed a reputation for being aggressive and effective. I can be reached by phone at 979-265-6800 or 713-524-6656. If needed, you can also send me a private message using the form on the contact page.

Heroin Possession & The Texas Penal System

Understanding Heroin Possession Cases

When a person is found to be in possession of any amount of heroin they’ve committed a felony offense. Possession should be considered “active control” of the controlled substance in question. If heroin is found on your person or in an area that only you have access to, the crime of possession of heroin has occurred.

Criminal Penalties

The severity of the punishment dealt to defendants who are found guilty of heroin possession are directly related to the weight of the substance they allegedly possessed and any related or habitual criminal history. The table below illustrates the way in which criminal charges are applied based on quantity.

Quantity Criminal Classification
Penalty if Convicted
Less Than 1 Gram State Jail Felony 180D-2YR State Jail - Up to 10K Fine
1 to 3.99 Grams 3rd Degree Felony 2-10YR TDCJ - 10,000.00 Fine
4 to 199 Grams 2nd Degree Felony 2-20YR TDCJ - 10,000.00 Fine
200 to 399 Grams 1st Degree Felony 5-99YR TDCJ - 10,000.00 Fine
Over 400 Grams Enh. 1st Deg. Felony 10-99YR TDCJ - Up 100K Fine

If you were in possession of the drug, have an addiction problem and a minimal criminal history, the court may agree to suspend prosecution granted that you successfully complete some form of drug treatment program.

If you’re innocent of the crime, it’s easy to feel like no one believes you, that you were set up, and the whole world is against you. That’s why you’ll need a lawyer.

If you’re guilty of possession of heroin and considered to be manufacturing or delivering the substance, your life is on the line. The criminal penalties are more punitive. An experienced drug offense attorney will be your best hope of either beating the charge or avoiding the maximum punishment.

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Whether you were arrested for a drug offense, another felony, or know someone who was, quickly contact my office or that of another criminal defense attorney in Angleton as soon as you possibly can.

Your attorney should provide a healthy review of the evidence, witness statements, and consult experts on your behalf if needed. When your freedom and way of life is on the line, every option should be exhausted. That’s what your attorney is “supposed” to do. That’s how I represent my clients.

Brazoria County Defense lawyer for heroin casesI’m Sandra J. Oballe, an experienced criminal law attorney and founder of the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe. I’m aggressive in court and I believe in fighting for my clients when I believe I can win, and advising my client on the best path forward when the situation appears bleak. No matter the situation or the severity of the criminal charge, you’ll benefit with excellent legal representation in your corner. My office provides excellent legal representation.

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Angleton Lawyer for Heroin Possession Cases

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