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Fighting Felony DWI Charges

Updated: May 26, 2024 @ 1:18 am

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Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a crime in the state of Texas. Usually, these are misdemeanor cases. However, when a person is charged with a felony DWI offense, the ramifications can land them in prison. For this reason, it’s important to have skilled legal representation working on your case following an arrest for a felony DUI offense.

At the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe, we know how felony DWI-related criminal charges can affect your life. Sandra Oballe is a skilled Texas DWI lawyer. She has committed her career to providing effective legal representation to individuals facing criminal charges of this magnitude.

If you’re facing prosecution for felony DWI charges Angleton, Brazoria County, or anywhere in Greater Houston, give us a call.

If you need to talk with a DUI lawyer following an arrest, contact us to schedule your free, confidential consultation today. You can reach us at either 713-524-6656 or 979-265-6800.

Understanding Felony DWI Offenses

In Texas, a DWI charge is only classified as a felony under certain circumstances. These circumstances typically involve aggravating factors such as prior DWI convictions, severe injury or death caused by intoxicated driving, or having a child passenger in the vehicle at the time of the offense.

Criminal Penalties

Convictions on felony DWI cases have harsh penalties. Some of the penalties include substantial fines, lengthy driver’s license suspensions or revocations, and incarceration.

The severity of the penalties depends on various factors, including the defendant’s prior criminal history, the level of intoxication at the time of the offense, and any aggravating factors.

In Texas, penalties attached to felony DWI convictions may include the following:

  1. Fines: Monetary fines can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The fine amount can be contingent on the case’s specifics and the judge’s discretion.
  2. Imprisonment: Convicted individuals face the possibility of serving time in state prison. Prison sentences for DUI & DWI convictions can range from several months to decades. If the defendant has repeat offenses or aggravated factors associated with their case, the penalty can be much worse.
  3. Texas Driver License Suspension: A felony DWI conviction often leads to the suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license, which has ancillary penalties. For example, without your driving privileges, it can be hard to maintain employment or fulfill your other daily responsibilities.
  4. Probation: In some cases, defendants may be eligible for probation instead of imprisonment. If you go this route, you’ll be subject to strict supervision by the court.

Defense Strategies

Effective legal representation will be a major part of keeping you free.

At the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe, we employ several strategic defense tactics tailored to each unique situation. We take great pride in serving our clients with excellence.

If we represent you in your case, our approach to resolving it may involve any of the strategies outlined below.

If you’re facing criminal charges in any jurisdiction in the Greater Houston area, contact us today by sending us a message or by calling 713-524-6656 or 979-265-6800.

  1. Challenging Evidence: If we’re representing you, we’ll take the time to review the state’s evidence. Their evidence may include field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, and police reports. We review this evidence to identify any inconsistencies or procedural errors that could weaken the case against you.
  2. Negotiating Plea Agreements: In some instances, negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecution is the best option. In some cases, this tactic is best for minimizing the consequences of a felony DWI conviction. If the evidence is stacked against you, we’ll consider this option. If we go this route, we’ll leverage our negotiation skills to pursue favorable plea deals that mitigate criminal penalties.
  3. Asserting Your Constitutional Rights: We staunchly defend our clients’ constitutional rights throughout the legal process. We’ll check to see if law enforcement stuck to proper procedures and respected due process during every stage of the case. If we find any inconsistencies, it could be grounds to get your case dismissed.
  4. Exploring Alternative Sentencing Options: For eligible individuals in tough situations, we’ll explore alternative sentencing options. These options include rehabilitation programs, community service, or ignition interlock devices for DWI offenders. In most cases, these options can greatly mitigate the impact of a felony DWI conviction.

Need Solutions for a Felony DWI Case?

Contact Attorney Sandra Oballe Today!

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in Greater Houston area for felony DUI, DWI, or other criminal charges, let us take a look at your case.

You can trust the experienced legal team at the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe to provide the skilled legal representation you’ll need to get your life back on track.

To get started, contact us today at (713) 524-6656 for our Houston office or (979) 265-6800 for our Angleton location to schedule a confidential consultation. We also meet with clients in Friendswood & Pearland.

Our law office provides affordable legal fees, flexible payment options, confidential consultations, and stellar legal representation. We’ve earned lots of great reviews from our current & former clients and invite you to let us help you.

The Law Office of Sandra Oballe provides legal representation for individuals with criminal cases on dockets in Brazoria, Harris, Montgomery, Waller, Fort Bend, and Liberty Counties.

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