Professional Legal Representation Counts

Every week in Brazoria County we see a few defendants representing themselves who disregard the detrimental consequences of convenient guilty pleas. Although entering a guilty plea out of convenience may seem like an attractive deal, the defendant will usually lose in that deal over the long-run.

Even though we understand why some defendants decide to represent themselves, the decision to do so isn’t advised. If you’re in a similar situation, call Attorney Sandra Oballe at 713-524-6656. We’ll find a solution for you.

Securing Legal Representation Is Best

Attorneys have numerous responsibilities to their clients once an attorney-client relationship is established. If the criminal-defense lawyer is worth their salt, they’ll, at least, take the remedial steps involved with providing a reasonable defense for their client.

Evidentiary Concerns & Discovery

The first of these steps involve reviewing and gathering evidence. We’re talking evidence that the prosecutor may or may not have. We’re also talking evidence which has yet to be discovered. In some cases, defendants enter plea-deals on cases where the prosecutor doesn’t even have evidence, or the evidence came up missing or was prematurely destroyed.

Only an experienced criminal defense attorney would be able to uncover and/or identify this information.

Expert Testimony

Another benefit of retaining seasoned legal representation is their resourcefulness in the form of expert witnesses. In circumstantial cases, or during the litigation of criminal cases where being scientifically or medically adept could prove crucial, having an expert witness testifying on your behalf can be the break-through you’ll need to beat the case or have it dismissed.

Independent Investigations

Criminal charges against the defendant are usually the result of an investigation by the arresting agency or a consortium of such. When you’re being investigated by the government, they’re usually looking to solidify their case in pursuit of a conviction. When you’re represented by an experienced lawyer, and given that the gravity of the criminal charge calls for it, an independent investigation by a licensed private investigator may be required to give us the best chance at winning for you.

Defendants who attempt to represent themselves, or that hire cheap lawyers, may not being able to take advantage of many of the resources that adept defense counselors may normally employ.

Sure, a defendant can hire their own experts, investigators, and attempt to get the state to turn over evidence or to admit to a lack of such, but who are we kidding? This spells financial and mental disaster.

On the other hand, a defendant could just enter a guilty plea and make nice with the state, but that’s a losing strategy.

Fighting The System Is What We Do!

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