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Assault on a Child

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Updated: Jul 15, 2022 @ 1:44 am

Accused of Assaulting a Child in Texas?

In Texas, child abuse or assault on a child is a criminal offense that carries severe punitive consequences for any person adjudged as guilty for related crimes in the court of law.

Protecting the safety of children and the vulnerable should be a top priority for all Texans, and the law requires it. If a person believes that a child is or will be injured or abused in some way, it’s the legal obligation of the person to report their concerns to the appropriate state agency.

Understanding False Reports of Child Abuse

It’s not uncommon for a person to report suspected child abuse to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) only for Child Protective Services (CPS) to investigate and find nothing wrong.

However, it’s equally common for CPS to make a mistake and press the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to pursue a case that they shouldn’t – because no crime has occurred. For folks in predicaments like this, hiring a criminal defense attorney in Houston that has experience fighting child abuse cases should be a top priority.

If you or a loved one were accused or arrested for child abuse, assault of a child, or child sexual abuse, Top-Rated Houston criminal law attorney Sandra J. Oballe is interested in hearing from you. At the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe, we provide legal defense counsel for defendants charged with the most serious of crimes and defending people accused of crimes against children are among them.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with Attorney Sandra J. Oballe, call the Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe today at 713-524-6656 or send us a contact form.

Crimes Against Children, Child Abuse, & Texas Law

A General Overview of Common Crimes Against Children

The State of Texas provides legal protection for children from the abuses listed below.

  • Child Neglect
  • Assault & Physical Abuse
  • Emotional & Psychological Abuse
  • And Sexual Abuse & Sexual Exploitation

Depending on the nature of the abuse to the child, the culpability of the child’s guardians, and the extent to which the violations are intentional, the criminal penalty for these offenses could range from a misdemeanor to Felony in the First Degree; an effective life sentence.

The post-conviction drama is worse. The rights of the parent could be nullified entirely, restraining orders imposed, counseling ordered, and a monitor may be required for the offender even to see or visit the child.

Whether you’re guilty of abusing a child or not, you’ll benefit by working with a lawyer, becoming fully aware of your rights, and ensuring that your side of the story is investigated.

You have rights too.

Arrested in Houston or Angleton for Child Abuse?

Call Attorney Sandra J. Oballe Your Experienced, Effective Legal Option.

The Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe provides legal defense services for individuals charged with misdemeanor, felony, and federal criminal offenses.

If you or a loved one are saddled with criminal charges of child abuse or assault on a child, and you’re interested in a retaining seasoned legal counsel to help you with your case, you’re encouraged to contact Attorney Sandra J. Oballe today at 713-524-6656.

Since 2003, Attorney Sandra J. Oballe has served as the lawyer of record on thousands of felony criminal cases. As a result of her dedication, effort, and the actions she’s taken on behalf of her clients, she’s earned an outstanding reputation as a top-tier criminal defense lawyer in both Harris County & Brazoria County.

If you need help, call 713-524-6656.

Defense Attorneys for Child Abuse Cases

The Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe

Law Office of Sandra J. Oballe

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